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"Web 3 marketing with legs."

Dale Carnegie, author of How to Win Friends and Influence People

For Businesses

Ever thought about how hard it is to make an impression as a new product or service? Getting heard above a screaming crowd of noise is not easy… and the secret? Being able to offer something which is genuinely interesting and engaging – at an affordable price!

For Individuals

Rewards in the form of discounts, vouchers or freebies are yours when you take part in Octopush quests. That's not the only benefit, get ready for your social media account to grow in popularity, your engagement stats to increase and to experience being part of a buzzing community!


Games in social media are not a new thing… and nor is marketing with games… but this is something a bit different. With less emphasis on complex gaming environments and more on collaborating and communication, the benefits of having fun and sharing experiences are heightened.

Viral Marketing

Octopush supports viral marketing by design. That’s how it promotes products and services and increases engagement so well. All of the quests are designed to be popular and reward anyone who responds to a post for their involvement. That’s a very powerful way to create an army of brand ambassadors.

Marketing Revolution

Linking people together that have the same purpose is a very powerful method of making voices heard. When crowds came together in the Occupy Wallstreet movement they formed a human mirophone to get the message of the speaker across the crowd: this is a digital version of a human microphone.


We very strongly believe that people should get rewarded for the effort, time, expertise, skills, experience and physical goods they share. In Octopush that means that if you are spending time doing Quests and spreading a message then you should be rewarded for your engagement. Simple.

Affiliate Scheme

Not only can you be a part of something incredible, but you can also earn money by introducing new people! Earn 15% commission for every sign up that uses your own person affiliate code. And I’ll tell you a secret… you don’t even have to have made a purchase first!

Lifetime Subscription

You’re in luck. £36 for a lifetime individual Octopush account. £360 for a lifetime enterprise account. That’s unlimited quests… for life! After this offer expires, a year's subscription will be £240 or £6000 respectively. Not only that, you'll also get all the benefits of being a stakeholder, learn more here.

Web 3

You might have heard about Web 3 in terms of crypto but actually it’s a term that is broader than that. It’s a movement which pulls away from old style systems of top-down control, it’s a way of working which is much fairer and rewarding for everyone by cutting out the middleman and creating autonomous users.

Stakeholder Owned

We really like the idea of our users owning a stake in our success; after all success is symbiotic: we need each other to make things work. We exist to improve your business, your profile, your reach, your engagement. Our success is your success; now that is something to celebrate.

YouTopian Philosophy

YouTopian philosophy is a detailed  thoroughly researched set of principles for how to redress the inequalities in society and help to make the world a happier place. There is no affiliation with any political party or religious group, just a few people trying to make stuff better. Check out YouTube or read the papers

Lifetime Subscription

As we grow, so do you. By getting in early to the stakeholder scheme you secure your place in the queue when we start handing out dividends on profits! Imagine getting in early on some of the biggest names in social media right at the start?! Get ready for the new wave, it’s here!


People are better together - and when shared interests come together, stuff happens. Be part of a growing revolution in advertising and engagement. In Octopush  hashtags quickly and easily identify anyone who’s an Octopush player and which game they’re playing #Octopush #FreeStuff

Alpha Testing

Things are changing quickly and as well as watching the development updates here you can also try Octopush out for yourself here. Log into your Twitter account and play around with the functionality. Apply to be an official tester here, there’s extra rewards!

Affordable Markeing

Building a brand and a reputation really matters, that's why companies spend so much on marketing. Some of the most successful marketing campaigns of the last few years have been viral and they have used social media; Octopush gives you all of this for a very affordable price.


Playing quests isn’t just a fun way to build up rewards, it’s also a way to pump the analytics of a social media account. Increase your followers and spin your engagement analytics into orbit! The best way to get traction and become a social media influencer.

Octopush Ltd

Octopush Ltd is a registered UK company which will soon be SEIS assured by the UK government. This means that investments can be offset against tax bills in order to encourage investment into UK businesses. To make a larger investment click here.


Elizabeth Summerfield

MSc Multimedia and Education

10 years' experience in Ofsted rated

Outstanding FE college

Online Learning Coordinator and teacher trainer

Co-creator of YouTopian Philosophy 

Co-author of 10 academic papers

YouTube channel: IamEliziam

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